Technology and Versions

KeyMate is available as a single user or network version software for Windows or as a web based system.

One User on One Computer
The single user version of KeyMate will allow one user on a single computer with the Windows operating system. An individual single user copy can only be activated to work on one computer at a time. It may be easily moved from one computer to another, but can only be operated from one computer at a time.

Multiple Users on a Network
The multiuser version of KeyMate allows several people on several Windows computers connected by a standard Windows local area network (LAN) to use the software together. This version may be installed on a unlimited number of computers in the network, but will only allow five users to use the software at any given time (simultaneously).

Web Version
KeyMate is also available as en enterprise wide web application. Designed for large organizations with branch offices spreadout over a wide area, country or even the globe. The web version allows for an unlimited number of users to access the software via a standard web interface through a protected connection using strong SSL 128 bit encryption, the same as used by banks.

For more detailed information regarding KeyMate or for pricing please contact our representative nearest to you.