Product Overview

KeyMate’s primary purpose is to help manage locks and keys. But since its creation in 1995, KeyMate (then known as SmartKey) has developped into a powerul security management tool used by organizations around the globe.

KeyMate and Multiple Outlets
In organizations with multiple outlets, branch offices or retail chain stores, KeyMate is an invaluable tool which helps you manage who has access to which location. When staff turnover is high, managing alarm codes and key copies becomes cumbersome. KeyMate eliminates the workload and allows head office to efficiently control what is happening in its outlets… in real-time.

KeyMate and Retail Chain Stores
Managing hundreds or even thousands of stores is not a simple task. Having to worry about locks and keys and even alarm codes for these stores is overwhelming. With many retail stores having a high turnover of employees, alarm codes change weekly and locks & keys almost as often. A simple mobile web interface allows store managers to update alarm codes via their mobile phones and transmit them to KeyMate thus allowing management at head office to be aware of every change. KeyMate pride’s itself on making it easy to be able to efficiently manage who has or had access to a location.

KeyMate for a Conglomerate
KeyMate’s Web enabled version allows large organizations with branch offices accross a country or globe to access the information easily. It allows head office to control and monitor the management of its valuable assets across the globe.

Locks and Keys Management
KeyMate allows an organization to manage who has a copy of which key to which door at which location in which building. By allowing you to identify buildings, locations, locks, and keys, KeyMate allows you to assign keys to locks and users which in turn allows you to control who has access to which location. Should a lock need to be changed, KeyMate will produce a list of all individuals who have a copy of a key to the lock in question. When assigning keys to individuals, KeyMate will allow you to print a key assignment contract or receipt which the user will sign when receiving a key. Knowing who has access to what location, or how many people can open this door, or how many doors this key can open is made easy with KeyMate.

Key System Management
- Track locations of all keys in your key system
- Create bar codes of all keys and key rings
- Summaries by locations and hook numbers
- Export key records directly to Excel
- Maintain key inventory
- Create door maintenance schedules
- Generate bar codes based on key ring names
- Generate bar codes based on blind codes
- Manage miscellaneous keys (desks, cabinets, etc.)

Personnel Key Records
- Issue and track keys to personnel
- Issue and track keys to personnel by bar code
- Audit logs of changes to key records
- Management assets
- Maintain electronic signatures
- Global and individual summary reports of keys issued to personnel
- Global and individual summary reports of personnel issued keys
- Print key issue sign out sheets
- Export reports and data directly to Excel
- Track overdue, lost, stolen, returned, temporary keys

Alarm Codes
KeyMate includes a module which allows you to identify alarm panels or alarm keypads for all your locations. It will then allow you to assign alarm codes to individuals and allow these individuals to update the system on their own using a simple web interface when they change an alarm code.

This module will allow you to know what code disables which alarm in which location, who has access to this code, how often the codes have been changed, with a history of all of the previous codes and who had access to them.

Vehicle Keys
KeyMate includes a module which allows you to manage vehicle keys. This is especially useful for organizations which have fleets of vehicles used by many people, such as publi utilities. KeyMate allows you to identify who currently has or access or who has had access in the past, to which vehicle, for how long, during which mileage period, etc.

Work Orders
KeyMate’s work orders module permits an organization to track requests made by clients or users. Each request is entered into the system and then dispatched in priority order to facilities or security staff for resolution. This allows managers to ensure that the work required is performed to specifications and in a timely manner.

Equipment Lending
KeyMate’s equipment lending module allows users to register items “lent” or assigned to individuals in the organization or outside the organization. Items may be recorded using a bar code reader or manually entered. The system will print a receipt and allow the recipient to sign an electronic signature pad to confirm receipt of the item and the terms under which is was released. This module will also produce lists of items due back and overdue. The system will equally e-mail individuals holding items several days before they are due reminding them that they need to return their items soon.

Additional Modules
Besides the basic functionality, KeyMate includes additional modules which may be activated as needed to satisfy a client’s specific needs. There is a charge for each additional module that is activated. These modules include:

- Parking permits management
- Lost and found management
- Cubicles management
- Reception management and visitor passes
- Receiving management
- Lockers management
- Suspicious activities tracking
- Incident Reporting System

Parking Permits Management

Parking Permits Management SoftwareParking is an expensive proposition for a company. Knowing who is using this valuable resource is important to effectively running your business. KeyMate offers an add-on module to track employee vehicles and “parking spots”. The registering person can issue a parking decal, which can be identified by the parking area personnel. This will allow parking personnel to know who is allowed to park in certain areas or have the ability to contact an employee who left their lights. This program also keeps track of parking tickets and parking violations issued to registered vehicles.

- Stores vehicle information including description, license plate number and registration expiration date;
- Tracks detailed general person information;
- Easily see what fines are owing, when they are due and if and when payment has been made.
- Easily track violations and warnings.
- Track permits issued, including the assigned lot, expiration date and multiple vehicle owners.
- Print a multitude of reports
- Export your data to Excel for quick analysis

Lost and Found Management

Lost and Found Management SoftwareIn today’s security environment knowing where something was found and by whom can be very important, especially if the item looks suspicious. KeyMate’s lost and found add-on module can help to keep track of all types of items. From a customer service perspective, having a way to track when and where a person might have lost an item is great public relations tool. Any opportunity to comfort a person who may have lost an item of extreme sentimental value is a great customer service benefit.

Found items of value may be immediately stored in a secure place while being tracked. A full description and photos can be saved to the file thus allowing staff to ask the right questions when someone attempts to identify and claim an item. - Effortlessly track property lost or found, confiscated, considered to be contraband or held for safekeeping;
- Avoid the embarrassment of telling someone that you don't have their property on file and then seconds later coming across it in a drawer;
- Avoid the embarrassment of telling someone that you have their property and then not being able to find it;
- Quickly search for items using keywords;
- Produce concise and accurate reports;

Data Security & Accessibility
Users may only access the data stored in KeyMate via KeyMate’s password protected menu system. Access permissions may be set to allow some users to only view data while others can update or delete information. Menu items can also be restricted to allow only appropriate staff to access the various elements of information.

All data is stored in encrypted files to ensure complete confidentiality. Should anyone copy the files, these files would be useless and the information contained in them could not be accessed with entry through KeyMate’s protected menu system.

Data Accessability
Your data is no longer locked to the software as KeyMate has complete export functionality which allows authorized users to export the various data files to Excel format or standard ASCII delimited format for use with other software.