For the Locksmith

KeyMate is also available as a multi-client version which allows locksmiths to manage all their clients easily within one copy of KeyMate.

This version allows a locksmith to manage all information inhouse and to send updates to the client’s version in an automated manner via the internet. When a change is made by the locksmith the system automatically communicates with the client’s version and updates the information. Similarily, if the client makes a change, the client’s version automatically communicates the change to the locksmith’s version. The locksmith’s version can control access to data in the client’s version, thus prohibiting the client from changing certain information that is reserved for the locksmith who has the mandate to manage the client’s information for the client.

This version is not sold. It is available free of charge to locksmiths who are resellers of KeyMate.

For information concerning this special version, please contact your representative.